Monday, April 13

Pink Eggs & Ham

Ava’s third Easter has come and gone faster than I ever could have imagined. I look back at her first Easter and see how far we’ve come and am amazed and feel so blessed. Her first Easter was spent in the hospital; she was healthy but mommy wasn’t. I tried so hard to be out of there so that we could be home for Easter but it just didn’t happen. Instead we enjoyed most of the day together cuddling and nursing building that special mother daughter relationship.

This year she probably could have cared less if I was there to witness her running around with all her cousins in search of eggs. She is so independent and lively. I sit and watch her and just try to absorb it all in. Those moments are so easily forgotten which is why I snapped a couple hundred pictures. Like this one. And then I see the special moments that she has with my man and my heart melts like a chocolate bunny in August. I am so grateful to have been able to spend the day with our families and my perfect little family. It makes all those days that seem so-so worth it. Like we are saving all those perfect moments for one special day in which they just start exploding. A domino effect of perfectness.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter spent with family and embracing all of life’s greatest gifts.

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