Wednesday, April 15

Flat on my face.

Sometimes things happen in life that make you fall flat on your face. That happened to me today. I felt like I was on top of the world because things have been so well lately. But I guess a good high can never last too long anyways and you just gotta find something to get you back on top again.

I interviewed for a full time position at work and found out today that they chose someone else. I feel like such a dumbass; embarressed and ashamed. After being with the agency for more than a year I'm not good enough yet to be hired as a full-time employee? What a kick in the ass. I'm sure that whoever they hired is a great candidate for the job but I love my job. I'm dedicated to the agency and have worked my ass off so hard for this past year just waiting for this opportunity and then it comes and goes just like that. I'm so sad and pissed off.

So now I'm stuck trying to find something else that is going to make me feel good again. I fell off the weight loss horse that I've been riding so I'm determined to get back on it and lose weight in time for my weigh in on Monday. I'm also starting school in two weeks which is exciting and scary as hell all at the same time. I'm ready though. This is the challege I need right now and I'm finally at a place in my life where I feel good about school.

Other things to keep me busy: I'm going to attempt to make a camera strap slipcover for myself. I haven't sewn in years but I am determined to do this and make a beautiful strap. I have the walk for MS on Saturday, and even though I'm like $100 away from my goal...yeah.

So I'm going to sulk the rest of the day and evening but tomorrow I'm going to wake up with a smile on my face and remind myself of all the wonderful things in my life that I have to be grateful for...but as for now, back to bitterness and maybe a margarita :)

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