Tuesday, April 28

The littlest mommy

When I was young I loved playing “house.” It’s so funny the way kids play things acting like they are adults. It happens so often and in so many different manners. I played with barbies, baby dolls, and little people. All of them had little families and every day lives that as a child I thought were typical of grown ups. While riding bicycles we would have different parts of town that we would drive to and from. McDonalds, the school, the pool…and every once in awhile we’d even get pulled over by the police. The more I think back on it, and they are actually very vivid memories, the more I realize that all of the things I played were based on an adult life that I was aware of. I don’t remember what age I started playing these games but my memories go as far back as I can remember.

Ava just turned two and is already playing these games. A few days ago the babysitter told me about the kids playing. Her 3 year old daughter and a little boy around the same age were pretending to be Ava’s mommy and daddy. They took her to McDonald’s and got her French fries and nuggets. Ava played right along. At home she plays with her baby dolls and stuffed animals. Yesterday she was rocking her stuffed Ming Ming patting her on the back and saying “shhh.” Then she laid one of her babies in the bed and got the bottle and said “here baby, gulky.” It is the sweetest and cutest thing ever.

She is only two, yet she understands some of the basic aspects of life. Babies have mommies and daddies, like to be rocked to sleep, and love their gulky. She pushes around her stroller with purse in hand, sunglasses covering her eyes, shouting “bye mommy” and it melts my heart. I wish I could hold onto these days forever.

Who else has little ones pretending to be grown ups?

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