Wednesday, April 22

My daughter's obsession

Ava is mildly obsessed with milk. Okay so that should really say, Ava is wildly obsessed with milk. Her entire life revolves around it. And you know how kids have their own way of saying things? Well Ava’s word for milk is “gulk.” I have no idea where she came up with this but every other word is gulk or gulky. I’ve tried teaching her to say it the correct way by putting emphasis on the m because she can say any other word that starts with m. It goes something like this,

Me: Ava say mmmmmmmmmiilk
Ava: gggguuuuuuuuuuuulk

It’s so adorable and I really love how she says it in her little two year old voice. But Justin is convinced that if we don’t start teaching her to say it the correct way then she’ll go to kindergarten asking for her gulky. I’m not convinced however.

Since she is obsessed though, gulky is always on her mind and she is always asking for it. Even if she doesn’t want it for drinking, she has a need for it to be in her hand. “Where my gulk?” she says…..ALL. THE. TIME.

I’d love to hear some stories of something your kiddo says wrong in such an endearing way that you don’t really mind. Come on, I need a good laugh today.

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