Sunday, May 17

A blooming weekend

This weekend was wonderfully spent with my family. It was so great to get outside and feel the sun on our faces. Ava had the greatest time playing outside in the dirt and water. I know that I will have my hands full all summer long because getting her indoors is a job that requires a cocktail at the end of it. It is painful and tiring and usually makes me want to scream but I don't because to add to her screaming would make everything worse. But I still look forward to every hot summer day that we will spend outdoors playing and seeking adventure.
The weekend started out with a graduation ceremony. Graduation season brings up many emotions for me. I'll be honest, I get a little angry because it seems that there are always so many places to go and it is difficult to find the time to get everywhere. We are always rushing. But I love the way graduation season reminds me of my own, and more importantly, where I was and who I was when I was graduating. It was five years ago and the journey that I've had since then is crazy, ridiculous, and very special. This years grad season got started in the right direction however. Nicolas, my five year old nephew, graduated from preschool. Little kids graduating is one of the cutest things ever. See for yourself....

Pretty stinkin cute right? He is really one of the most photogenic kids I've ever known. He loves to have his picture taken, and he is always smiling just as pretty as he is here in this picture. His two brothers are the same way. They are all adorable and the camera knows it. I'll share more of them later because they are too cute not to show you.

So Nicolas blooming from a preschool little kid to a kindergarten big kid was the first blooming action of the weekend. Saturday Justin and I started gardening. We are doing a regular flower garden around the house and hopefully in the next couple of weekends we will get our vegeatble garden started. Neither of us have ever gardening. I love flowers and all, but as for getting out there and building and planted a garden...I was a virgin. But not anymore. A garden virgin I am not. In fact, I might go as far and say I am a garden whore considering thats all I did ALL weekend. I am very impressed and proud with what we got accomplished. I've never considered myself good with a shovel but that picture to the right shows along the side of the house where I tilled up the yard with just a shovel, my foot, and these hands. Impressive right? I know Juston was impressed because he told me that he didn't know I could work like that. Well I showed him! But I started thinking that maybe I shouldn't have because npw he is going to try to put me to work more often. Shit. I should have thought about that sooner. After tilling, it started to rain so we went to Lowe's to pick out some flowers. I can pick out flowers that I like and want easily, but I don't know much about what to put where or what kind of sunlight each flower needs. So I just got what I liked, planted them where I thought they looked good, and filled in with mulch. I may not be Martha Stewart but I'd say we did pretty good for being virgins going into this. I am happy with what we got done in a mere two days. We make a pretty good team...most of the time. And my favorite part of the garden is my calla lily plant. Being my favorite flower it was a must for my garde. I got a yellow planted one a couple of weeks ago to keep planted in this awesome pot I found at TJ Maxx, but I wanted to have one in the ground too. It is beautiful and I could kiss it every day. And I might.


cmm said...

beautiful! you make me proud. we'll have to talk gardening soon. i have big plans for my new backyard. you'll have to plant something during your visit. love loves.

avasmommy said...

eeek! i can't wait