Friday, May 29

Bad Habits

We all have bad habits and we usually don't break them because they become a part of who we are. Here are some of mine.

1. Chewing on the plastic things that attach tags to your clothes. I love them for some reason. Justin does too. We always make sure to share and if not, then we have been known to fight like 3 year olds. Yes, we are mature adults.

2. Shaking. I am always moving. People think I am very impatient or anxious but my legs or arms are usually moving in some form. I just cannot help it.

3. Cracking my knuckles. It feels so goood.

4. Leaving doors open. Justin thinks I grew up in a barn because I am fine with leaving the front door/back door open. I don't consider all the bugs flying in. I also leave the refridgerator door open while I poor my glass of tea. Drives him NUTSO!

5. Indecision. This is a major problem. It is more like a disease rather than a bad habit. For the life of me I cannot make a decision easily. I usually know what I don't want but I rarely know what I do want. I like when people make descisions for me. But don't you dare make the wrong run because I will tell you straight up.

I've decided to do this five at a time. So these are the first five. When I feel like running on myself some more I'll shoot for five more. Until then...what are some of your bad habits?

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