Thursday, June 4

Bad habits continued...yes, I have more than five.

6. COLD EARS! Anyone who knows me knows that this has gone from bad habit to addiction and obsession. I don't know what it is about the feel of cold ears on my fingertips, but I absolutely love it. And it drives people nuts! Except for Justin, he really enjoys it. Oh, and the worst part is that Ava does it now too. She has been known to latch her itty bitty fingers around some cold ears. THAT'S MY GIRL!

7. Letting my gas tank go too far past the E before filling up. This is really irritating, I know. But sometimes I just forget. And my car doesn't hava dingy thing to remind me. It just expects me to remember to look at the dash and see how full it is, kind of like forgetting to check speed you're driving. IT'S TOO MUCH WORK, CAR! You'd think that with all these new technological cars they would have some that scream this shit out at you.

8. Thinking in blog mode or facebook status. I don't even update my facebook status for crying out loud! But, for some reason my head is always saying "Brittni is fidgeting, Brittni is brushing her teeth, Brittni is really annoyed at people who change their facebook status every 3 minutes!!" I seriosuly need to do something about this.

9. Making lists and then more lists and then before you know it I'm making lists to make lists. This might not actually be a bad habit if I followed the job list on said list. But I usually just write it down, on numerous different paper pads with numerous different pens, to etch it into my memory so that when I can get to the grocery store, I forget. I am SO productive! I spend half my day making lists, and the other half forgetting them. Strive to be like me people.

10. Cussing. You know this is bad when your two year old has already said "Uck." And that is not to be confused with the word trhat also means ew. But what am I supposed to say when I step in a puddle of my mud on my way to work in my dress shoes? Oh snapdragons? It just doesn't suit me. But I really should cut back, at least in front of lovemuffin.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OMG I do so many of these things too! Also, as for "thinking in blog mode," whenever something odd happens, I always think, "OH THAT'S GOING IN THE BLOG!"

Thanks for your comment at Manic Mommy, and appreciate you reading! Steph

avasmommy said...

It's crazy isn't it? The internet has taken over our minds!

And thank you, for the comment as well! Hope you'll stop back again and say hello.